Top 5 Guest Room Essentials – Bathroom, Bedroom Checklist

First things, first!! Some so many people got confused between a master bedroom and a guest room and finally ended up decorating both in the same manner. But they are completely different and have a different purpose of serving. 

Master bedrooms meant for the house owners only, so they should depict their style and their perspective towards things. On the other hand, the guest’s room should be much more generic from the decoration point of view and should keep in mind the comfort of every guest. 

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Guests’ rooms meant to provide a warm welcome to your overnight guests. Whenever a guest steps into your home to spend some days, they expect to get a clean and tidy room for their short and sweet staycation!

Below we have listed the guest room essentials to help you know how to setup a guest room. Let’s dig into what we have in our bag to help you redecorate your guest rooms!

Guest Room Ideas and Items you should not miss while Setting Up

What should every guest room have? The easiest way to plan your guest room is to make it as much as similar to the best hotel room you have stayed in. An ideal guest room needs to be much more functional than decorative. On the other hand, I don’t want to stay in a gloomy and dull room either. So, the key lies in balancing out both the decoration and functional aspects. 

Some of the essential items to put in your guest room are-

  • Closet: The basic human instinct is using the guest room for dumping all the items one doesn’t use daily. And sometimes we get so overboard with this, that there is no space left for the guest to keep his belongings. So, it is always advisable to carve out some closet space or keep a separate closet in the room where your guest can keep his clothes and other stuff during his stay. 
  • Extra bed and bath linens: Your guest might feel cold in the middle of the night, or he may accidentally spill some coffee on the bedsheet, and there is no way they can ask for extra linens right that hour. To avoid such situations, always keep some extra bed sheets and blankets in your guests’ room. Keeping some extra towels is also a great idea as there are so many people who like to separate their face towels from the bath ones.
  • Water station: Please don’t let your guests wondering where to get some water when they are thirsty. Keep a glass with a jar full of water in the room to make it accessible anytime. Keeping some water bottles handy in the room is also acceptable. And don’t forget to refill the water from time to time.
  • Iron: It might sound absurd to you, but keeping and fully functional iron in the guest rooms is a symbol of good gesture. It shows that you are aware even of their tiniest of needs. Keeping the iron also spares your guest from the hesitation of asking for iron over and over again.
  • Tissues: It is a very true story that some guests have to use toilet paper to wipe their nose, as there were no tissues in the room. Yes! Keeping a box of tissue handy to your guest appreciated, especially during the allergy seasons. 


These are a few Guest Room Essentials we have mentioned above to make the guest room functional and somewhat make it comfortable for your guests. Hope you got to know how to make a guest room comfortable with the above mentioned things. But there are some other additions you can do as well. E.g., a small set of basic toiletries and essential medicines are a good addition to the room. Or maybe you can put some interesting reading light on the bedside as well. It may seem a lot to you to put up a guest room, but once you get all the products handy, setting up the room isn’t that much of a hard task.

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